Noteworthy Journeys (located in Kuraby on the Southside of Brisbane) offers Simply Music piano lessons to people over 7 years of age, including those who may face additional challenges due to illness or disability.

About Simply Music

Simply Music is a well-established, “playing-based” method which immediately immerses the student in playing the piano. Through the Simply Music piano program, students all over the world have been able to learn to play at a much faster pace when compared to traditional methods. Simply Music offers a large repertoire of songs including pop, blues, classical, jazz, ballads, arrangements, and accompaniments.

Our Philosophy

Noteworthy Journeys and Simply Music believe that anybody and everybody is musical. Learning to play the piano can enhance your confidence and equip you with a life-long tool for self-expression.

Studies show that playing a musical instrument can:

  • Reduce stress1
  • Reduce attention to anxiety and pain2
  • Facilitate social interaction3
  • Help to protect against age or illness-related decline in mental functioning4
  • Help you to express your emotions, or overcome depression5
  • Make you more likely to experience improvements in daily living activities6
  • Provide the opportunity to create your own songs to enhance wellbeing, creativity and sense of identity7

Contact us

For further information on availability and pricing, please contact:

0490 540 790

Wendy Eggins
Licensed Simply Music Teacher